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Andrzej Kaczorowski is a psychologist, pedagogy specialist, hypnologist, doctor of natural medicine and theology. He graduated from the School of Hypnosis and University of Pedagogy, both in Moscow. He mastered his exceptional skills in Sankt Petersburg, Kharkov, Theological College in the USA, as well as many other institutes and centres of verbal and non-verbal hypnosis both in the east and west. He is the lecturer at the College of Psychotronic Psychology and the Insitute of Clinical Hypnosis in Moscow. He also runs different courses and workshops of professional therapeutic hypnosis for physicians, psychologists and therapists both in Poland and abroad. Andrzej Kaczorowski is a leading Polish hypnotist, hypnologist and hypnotherapist, who specialises in combining therapeutic hypnosis with other methods concerining various life spheres, e.g. forensic science, sport, education, popular medicine, business, as well as public performances.

He is a graduate of numerous centres of treatment and healing, where he is still mastering his skills of diverse methods of hypnosis and autohypnosis, the theory of psychoanalytic therapy, the Ericksonian, clinical and bioenergetic hypnosis.

He collaborates with his wife, Dr Zofia Górnicka-Kaczorowska, who is a GP, a homeopath, and an iridologist, as well as with many other specialists, both of traditional and natural medicine. His knowledge gained from the best Polish and foreign mentors (especially Russian experts) proves to be successfully implemented in practice; not only in his therapeutic activity in hypnotherapy, but also in other fields, especially psychotherapy, medicine, sport, politics, advertising, teaching, forensic science and spiritual healing. Due to his exceptional professional competence Dr Kaczorowski can participate in unusual, paranormal, energy-transmitting or parapsychological projects and experiments, or even public performances, during which he displays unknown methods and techniques in so-called hypnotic shows. These are joint physical and spiritual healing seances combined with energy transmission, organised for pure entertainment with the help of his assistants. He arranges both individual and collective sessions. He designed many personal treatment methods, e.g. imagotherapy or therapeutic bridge combined with regressive and progressive hypnosis. He conducts every type of hypnotic seances, such as affirmative, regressive, precognitive, collective, of reincarnation and occasionally public ones. He is proud to present his skills in many television shows, films and newspaper articles.

Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski is the practitioner of hypnosis, a perfect tool for treating addictions and eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, obesity). The procedures he applies help to enhance memory and concentration, rid of emotional or cognitive blockage, which are useful for children and teenagers in their studies.

He is the supporter of alternative medicine, the creator of the personal treatment method of imagotherapy which relies on spiritual experiences of patients themselves, he conducts seances of regressive and progressive hypnosis. His methods facilitate treatment of psychosomatic diseases, neurosis, depression, frigidity, insomnia, emotional disturbance, etc. He is renowned for numerous public performances, television and radio broadcasts, reports on natural medicine, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, altered states.

Dr Kaczorowski created a peculiar treatment method of individual imagotherapy and collective hypnotic therapy combined with spiritual techniques, reincarnational regression, astral journeys to the beyond and age progression, which is hypnotic clairvoyance.

He runs the Centre of Natural Medicine in Wrocław where both conventional and alternative medicine are applied, e.g. hypnotherapy (treatment by hypnosis), homeopathy, iridology, urinotherapy, herbalism, laser puncture, bioenergetic therapy, chakra therapy, spiritual healing, magnetotherapy, IT medicine, psychotherapy (including psychosynthesis), enegretic massages, acupressure, Asian and traditional massages, and other alternative methods.
He is the author of several books, e.g. ‘Hypnosis and sleep’, ‘Reincarnation in hypnosis’, ‘Reincarnation in hypnotherapy’, as well as educational films such as ‘Hypnosis’ from 2004 and ‘Optimism and health’ from 2002. In his films and books Dr Kaczorowski presents in a very comprehensible and accessible way his public hypnotic shows, training in the field of hypnology and hypnotherapy combined with other therapeutic techniques, and hypnotic seances records. His next educational book entitled ‘Autohypnosis’ will be published shortly.
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Complied by Katarzyna Magdalena Gołąb